Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Day 9: More stuff happens

It's official.  The carrots are coming!  It seems like all of a sudden, most everything is popping up, from lavender to tomatoes and chives.  Still nothing from the Chia pots or peppers yet.
More chives have appeared today.

All the carrots are budding.
Look at these powerhouse tomatoes!

Carrots on the left, lettuce on the right.
It's time to start separating out some plants.  I didn't anticipate there being so many little ones!  Since it's my first time growing from seeds, I definitely planted more seeds than I should have!  We'll see how it goes moving them.  I will, of course, know for next time to plant sparingly.  I blame the OU seal for leading me astray!  My dad worked at OU before, so I've seen this logo a bunch.
That guy sure isn't planting one seed at a time.

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