Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Day 15: Holy bruschetta, Batman!

After being out an extra day over the weekend, I was shocked at what I came back to.  First, all of our first planting is looking robust.
50 shades of green.

Lettuce really needs a haircut.

A second lavender has joined the team.

These tomatoes are HUGE.
We also discovered a ton of activity from the tomato Chia pot.  On Friday, there was just one seedling, but today, there are many many more!  Guess we'll have to replant or weed some of them!
We still haven't seen anything from the Chia jalapeno or the Chia peppers yet.
Even our spinach and aster are growing already!

At this point, we'll definitely have to consider moving some of our seedlings to another type of pot since they are very crowded in their small containers. Once we have them settled, they might find a new home in the Science annex (our outer office area) so they can be enjoyed by the students.  We'll wait and see.

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